The Trip

A project spanning a decade. An annual camping trip with one childhood friend, returning year after year to the same locations. Spending uninterrupted days and nights together in scenery that goes through changes like we do, as women, as life long friends. Everything is familiar, simple, prone to scarring but always able to regrow. We gravitate towards water sources; natural springs, streams, rivers, lagoons. We used to spend our school summer holidays walking to the public pool in Jerusalem. The days went on forever and we were free to spend hours and hours together in sun and water. Our trip replicates that state of simplicity, of bright sun, cold water and time that stretches on. We set off to have uninterrupted days together when time has no limits like those summer days that we spent together walking to the pool to bathe, days of making up songs and laughing to the point of tears and talking talking until we fall asleep.